Using Xero for football club accounts and finances

Xero can help improve your club's financial health and help grow the game. Here’s how to use Xero for your club finances.

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How Xero can help with managing club finances

Learn how Xero can help your football club by streamlining your club accounts, finances and admin.

  1. Managing football club finances

    Healthy finances help your club run smoothly and boost performance. Xero can help with better numbers off the field.

  2. Xero for club finances

    Football club admin includes managing the income, outgoings, cash flow, budget and payroll. Explore ways Xero can help.

  3. Getting set up

    See which Xero plan is the best fit, get set up, how to convert from another solution, and use Xero for everyday admin.

  4. Grants and funding

    A growing number of grants, loans, and other types of funding are available to football clubs.

  5. More ways to learn

    Head to Xero Central for ongoing support and more learning, or watch videos on the Xero YouTube channel.

Download the playbook about club finances

Learn how to use Xero to manage football club accounts and finances. Fill out the form to receive the playbook as a PDF.

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