Something good is brewing with coffee roasters, shops, and Xero

You started your coffee business because of your passion for that perfect cup – and serving it up perfectly to delighted customers. Like all small businesses, however, you have to have a passion for doing everything else right, including accounting. Even though the mystique of coffee is hundreds of years old, business now moves at the speed of the cloud – and you have to keep up to be successful.

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How Xero can help your business

Xero perfectly blends your passion for coffee with the most modern accounting solutions available today. Incredibly easy to learn and use, Xero – built in the cloud for the cloud – enables you to maintain accurate inventory levels, integrates with the world’s leading POS providers, and gives you instant visibility into your cash flow and business health. And since Xero is in the cloud, you can access all your financial data anytime, anywhere, from virtually any device.

Xero has also partnered with 600+ app developers to give you integrated, cloud-based solutions for your unique requirements. From leading eCommerce solutions to software for time-tracking, store layout optimization and sales tax reconciliation, you can count on Xero to help create that perfect business solution. The result? More time spent with your customers or developing new products. Less time drinking your product late at night doing your books. With Xero, make that a lot less. Beautiful.

Dashboard Detail

Al Keating and Coffee Supreme – a beautiful cuppa

For Al, the Chief Executive of Auckland's beloved Coffee Supreme, "hospitality is generosity paying attention".

Xero coupled with other cloud-based business software makes it easy for Al to run the back-end of Coffee Supreme. Because each solution is accessible on mobile devices and shares information, Al is able to focus on delivering great hospitality knowing his finances are in order.

"When I need the information, I know I have access to it. As far as looking at spreadsheets and pages and pages of numbers, I find that like chewing dry flannel. It’s pretty tough going."

Al Keating, CEO, Coffee Supreme, New Zealand

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Cash flow

Get an up-to-date view of your business financials with our convenient dashboard.

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Create customised recurring invoices – and know when they’re opened.

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Enjoy batch payments and the speed of snapping photos of receipts for expensing.

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Xero is fully integrated with the leading online inventory management packages for tracking inventory, create sales transactions and bills, and automatically update COGS, Inventory Assets, and Stock Adjustments.

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Update your payroll data into your general ledger – quickly and automatically.

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Manage retail business financials – such as invoicing and expensing – from the road.

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We play nicely with others

Xero integrates with hundreds of third-party apps. From inventory management, invoicing and time tracking, there’s specialized software that’s right for your business.


Collet payments with ease. Your transactions in iZettle appear in real-time inside Xero.


Track sales and inventory history and view shipments instantly.

More connected third-party apps

Customize your Xero experience with 600+ third-party apps.

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