Xero bank feeds are better. Here’s why

They’re daily, not weekly or monthly, which helps make reconciling bank statements a breeze. You can connect with a wide range of banks in Australia – and the data flows automatically into Xero, eliminating manual work and human error. So, why not take advantage of bank feeds that are better for your small business?

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Why wait to view your cashflow?

Our bank feeds happen daily, making it easy to get an accurate view of how your business numbers are performing. And that means no more guesswork, which is a beautiful thing for small business.


Why not unlock unlimited feeds?

Our bank feeds are backed by a simple and transparent pricing model. You can link as many bank accounts and credit cards to Xero as you like – and take advantage of multiple feeds – all for the price of your monthly subscription.


Why can’t you be spoilt for choice?

We currently have the broadest coverage of bank products offered by NAB, CBA, Westpac and ANZ in the industry. We’ll soon offer access to daily direct feeds for some 100 financial institutions in Australia, meaning that we’ll be connected to 98 per cent of the banks that Aussie small businesses prefer to bank with.


Better cashflow management starts with automatic bank feeds

A growing list of banks you can connect with


Take your pick with NAB

NAB has the broadest range of bank accounts that flow beautifully into Xero, including personal and business credit cards. Setting up the feeds is easy and can be done entirely online from within Xero. Once setup is complete, you’ll enjoy daily feeds from all of the accounts you have connected, and your transaction data will start to flow into Xero overnight. 


Easy account set up with CBA

We delivered a world first innovation with CBA that lets you set up feeds from either within Xero or NetBank. But there’s more to better bank feeds than easy setup. With CBA, you will get daily feeds across a broad variety of products including: transactional, savings, business credit cards, term deposit accounts and more. 


All Bendigo Bank products daily

This leading regional bank offers daily feeds across all of their banking products, including: transaction, savings, loans, term deposits and credit cards. The setup process is via an email form and your feeds will be activated and flow into Xero within 10 working days. 


ANZ bank feeds

ANZ has a range of account products that flow daily into Xero including: transaction, savings, loans and credit cards accounts. And you can set up ANZ feeds either online or via a paper form. Your feeds will start within 10 working days. 


Westpac bank feeds

Westpac offer two types of direct feeds into Xero; select transaction and loan accounts. The setup process is via an email form and your feeds will be activated and flow into Xero within 10 working days. 

More banks you can connect with

You can easily set up direct bank feeds with all kinds of other banks and financial institutions, from community funds to credit unions. To view the full list, download the pdf.

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"Xero's direct bank feeds seamlessly import our account transactions directly from our Commonwealth Bank account, which keeps our accounts up to date daily. At a glance, I can see an accurate overview of our performance."

Jessy Cameron, Director, Molten Store

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Your bank not listed?

Is there a bank account you use regularly that we don’t have a bank feed for yet? Provide us with a few details so we know what to focus on next.

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