Mindset 1: It’s good enough the way it is

But settling for “good enough” might not be enough.

Things are going well, your business and technology get the job done, so why worry about doing anything different? There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. But what if you could have more peace of mind, fulfilment, and spend time on the things that matter most? One step is all it takes.

The present takes priority

Future challenges fade when you’re occupied by day-to-day urgencies. But a little forward-planning can go a long, long way.

A bit of a hassle

Taking up new technology brings with it all sorts of headaches...or does it? The pain may be less - and the gain much more - than you might think.

If it ain’t broke...

It’s easy to assume that whatever works doesn’t need fixing. However, wise decisions today can turn future risks into welcome opportunities.

The present is comfortable

Keeping things the same means less stress - at least for now. Embracing a bit of discomfort can make for much longer-lasting peace of mind.

Look at the other mindsets

Our research study deep dived into the barriers between where your business at and where it could be. See how you relate to these three, unpacked mindsets in order to help you take one step forward.

It's too risky

They can be daunting – check out how to overcome them.

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It's hard to choose

Lots of options can be confusing – here’s how to break it down.

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