Mindset 3: It’s hard to choose - I just don’t know

When it comes to options, less is often more.

All those options, information, and updates on technology can quickly prove overwhelming. Faced with this ocean of choices, is it any wonder we often struggle to chart a clear course? There’s a better way - one that builds confidence and helps make choices that much clearer. One step can make the difference.

Drowning in choice

The sheer volume of options can quickly cause us to flee or freeze. But some mindset changes can get things moving in a more decisive direction.

Apples and oranges

It’s hard to compare all the diverse options out there and work out what’s best for you. Could there be another way to frame those relative choices?

Information overload

A wealth of information doesn’t mean more certainty. Yet the right approach can help you navigate the data and pick out what’s really relevant.

Wanted: crystal ball

The only thing certain about your choices is uncertainty. Or is it? Predicting and optimising outcomes isn’t as hard as it might seem.


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