Make payments beautiful with PayPal and Xero

Xero and PayPal work together to make invoicing and payments easy, so Lewis and Melissa Quaye from ACEG can get back to running their beautiful business.

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Efficient and secure: It’s a beautiful thing

Xero and PayPal connect seamlessly to help you get paid faster, wherever you are. And with bank-grade security standing guard, the only surprises are life’s beautiful moments.

Easy online invoicing

Send customised online invoices straight from Xero and set up automatic reminders to prevent late payments.

Fast online payments

Give your customers the option to pay securely online with their credit or debit card – all it takes is a couple of clicks.

Less time on the books

PayPal payments are automatically matched to Xero invoices and marked as paid, making reconciliation easy and fast.

Software that makes your life easier

See your money sooner

Get paid faster than ever with easy, secure payments your customers can click through in seconds. Give your customers more ways to pay and a ‘Pay Now’ link in the invoice, then watch as payments come flying in.

pay-pal invoice

Keep track of your business

When a customer pays an invoice using PayPal, Xero automatically separates out your PayPal fee. Add that to automatic transaction matching with easy reconciliation, and you’ve got a real-time view of your income.

pay-pal invoice

Do business anywhere

Xero is Britain’s leading cloud accounting software, giving you an up-to-date view of your business – anytime, anywhere. On the move? Send invoices and stay productive with the handy Xero mobile app.

pay-pal invoice

Stay connected to everything that matters

Xero is the perfect partner for PayPal’s payment services, bringing accounts and transactions together to make your life easier.

Claim expenses

It’s easy to manage personal expenses – just review and approve receipts.

Pay bills

Manage your cash flow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers.

Reconcile in a click

Automatically import and categorise your latest transactions for speedy reconciliation.

Get started in next to no time

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Try every Xero feature free for 30 days, add payment details later to subscribe.

Add PayPal for payments

Connect your existing PayPal account as your payment option within Xero.

Invoice your customers

Send custom invoices in a flash with a ‘Pay Now’ button for your customers.