Get paid using GoCardless and Xero

GoCardless and Xero work together so you can automatically collect recurring payments as soon as your invoices are due.

Xero in partnership with GoCardless

Get paid up to twice as fast

Take control of when you get paid and cut out the stress of following up with debtors.

  • Included
    Issue invoices and automatically collect payment on the due date
  • Included
    The customer is always notified prior to collection
  • Included
    Accept payments in Euro, GBP, AUD, NZD, USD and more

Transparent GoCardless fees

GoCardless charges low transaction fees with a low-cost cap on domestic payment fees. There are no hidden fees and card network markups.

Low cost transition fees

Less admin with GoCardless and Xero

Payments are automatically reconciled against your Xero invoices, saving you hours of bookwork.

  • Included
    Customers only need to set up their payment details once
  • Included
    Payouts are made to your bank account after being processed
  • Included
    Your invoice is automatically reconciled in Xero
less bookwork, automatically reconcile

More about GoCardless and Xero

GoCardless is a bank-to-bank payment method. It uses direct debit, ACH and PAD to automatically collect payments directly from your customer’s bank account. Your customers only need to enter their payment details once, and that’s it. You’re authorised to collect all future payments without further action from your customer. Whether invoicing regular customers for variable amounts or for fixed, subscription-style billing, GoCardless is made for recurring payments.

Collect payments in an international currency and receive payout in your home currency with built-in foreign exchange. The GoCardless exchange rate is provided by TransferWise, with no markup added, so you get a fair rate.

Use Xero with GoCardless

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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Already a Xero customer? Start collecting payments now

If you’re already using Xero, you can connect your GoCardless account from within Xero.

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