How the Partner Programme can support you

Xero partners share stories about their digital journeys and how Xero helped them along the way.

Partners share their experiences with Xero

Partners at different stages of their journey with Xero talk about the support they received to get set up for success.

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Taylor Symons on starting out with Xero

Ben is a partner in the early days of the programme who jumped onboard before his practice even launched.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Ben Symons

How Xero helps JHW to grow their practice

Matt and his partners set up a new practice and leverage the experts within Xero to fuel rapid growth.

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Headshot of Xero partner, Matthew Murray

Building a practice around Xero with HGH

A longer term Xero partner, James embraced the platform cautiously but now sees Xero as central to the future of the practice.

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Headshot of Xero partner, James Pullein

It very much feels like a partnership which is why calling it the partner programme is perfect.

Ben Symons, Taylor Symons

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Read our case studies to learn about how Xero partners work with our expert support services to get the most out of the partner programme.

Setting up a new practice on Xero

Find out how Xero's unparalleled levels of support helped Taylor Symons get up and running.

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Using Xero to power rapid growth

Find out how Xero's practice tools are helping JHW power their practice and support their rapid growth.

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Elevating client service with Xero

MTD was the catalyst for HGH embracing Xero. Find out how they have transformed into a fully digital practice.

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