Chapter 5

Using your UTR number

We look at keeping your UTR number safe and why you need to include it on your self assessment tax return.

UTR Numbers - Xero Tax

Can you share your UTR number?

There are very few people who need to see your UTR number. You should only share it with your accountant or financial advisor, and HMRC. Examples of when you might share your UTR are if your accountant is signing you or your business up for Making Tax Digital, or if you’d like to claim a tax refund from HMRC.

Fraudsters have been known to use stolen UTR numbers in their scams, so make sure you keep your UTR number private.

Can I submit a tax return online without a UTR number?

No. You need a UTR number to submit your tax return online. If you submitted a return with a wrong UTR number, you could be subject to a fine if HMRC believes you filed your return without due care.

Your UTR number is an identifier for you and your tax account. When it comes to paying your tax bill online, HMRC won’t be able to match your payment to your account without a UTR number.

Everything you need to know about Unique Tax Reference numbers (UTRs)

Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Unique Tax Reference numbers (UTRs) for HMRC.

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