Pay the bills on time while keeping control of your cash flow

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Schedule payments and batch pay suppliers

Spend less time on business admin by bundling multiple bills into one payment transaction.

bill payment organizer with scheduling

See what bills are due for payment

Manage your cash flow with graphs that let you see visually what bills are due for payment and know where your business is spending money.


online bill payment graphs

Receive and store bills electronically

Email bills and documents straight to your files inbox in Xero for paperless record-keeping, then use side-by-side files to enter your bills with the file attached.

bill payment app with paperless record keeping

Paying the bills can be practically painless

billing software with repeat bill automation

Create repeating bills

Improve your work efficiency and reduce data entry by setting up bills that repeat each month, each quarter or any period you choose.

On-charge customer expenses

When a bill comes in, assign any costs you can recover to the relevant customer. That way you don’t forget about them and you protect your profit margin.

Replicate your last bill

Xero saves you time by giving you the option to replicate your last bill from your suppliers.

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Add or edit a bill in Xero

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Send a bill from Xero to Xero

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