How to use merchandise as a marketing tool


Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA

Jason Ackerman, Partner, Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA

BNA provides tax, accounting and consulting services to individuals and professional service firms including physicians, dentists, attorneys and technology-driven companies.

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Marketing goals

  • Highlight firm values 
  • Demonstrate staff and client appreciation 

“BNA is a tech-forward firm that values customer service and satisfaction. There’s strong brand alignment between BNA and Xero, so the co-branding is a great way for us to highlight our values.”

Actions and results

  • Develop socks that evoke the fun of BNA’s brand.

“I’d given away swag in the past and seen how happy it made my clients, so I wanted to give the socks a try. The socks are a great stand-alone gift and a fun way to say thank you or acknowledge how much we appreciate a client’s relationship with us. They are also a key component to a ‘Welcome Kit’ that we are just now launching. The Welcome Kit will be given to newly-onboarded clients that use Xero to welcome them to BNA. The socks have been a runaway hit. I have clients asking me for more, and staff members love them as giveaways to family and friends.”


“Marketing your firm’s culture is the best way to market yourself.”

Xero resources

  • Xero Store: Check out the Xero Store for examples of swag

Jason Ackerman, Partner, Bernard N. Ackerman, CPA

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