How to use Facebook advertising as a marketing tool


Shift Accounting

Mohamed Ismail, Founder, Shift Accounting

Shift Accounting offers full service bookkeeping, back office support and advisory services to dental offices based in Canada. The team is passionate about helping their clients grow and build a sustainable business.

Marketing goals

  • Generate leads and start the sales cycle

  • Build awareness with potential and existing referral partners 

Actions and results

  • Learn about social media marketing and content marketing by working with The Profitable Firm – a marketing consultancy for accountants and bookkeepers

  • Experiment with different forms of content – blogs, ebooks, infographics and video – and measure

  • Complement social media campaigns with a full marketing strategy

  • Send nurture emails to lead lists collected from Facebook campaigns

“I learned that social media advertising is effective only when you deliver interesting content to your audience. I’m proud to say that Shift is laser focused on providing top-notch services to dental practices in Canada – and social media has been an amazing channel for us to speak to potential clients. In fact, the most-recent video we developed was promoted through a Facebook campaign and got over 10,000 views, which far surpassed my expectation.”


“It’s important to work with a trusted advisor when starting out with social media advertising, in order to learn how the process works and to get the best ROI.”


Mohamed Ismail, Founder, Shift Accounting

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