Get paid sooner by accepting payments from online payment services

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Save time with more ways to get paid

Accept debit and credit card payments directly from every invoice to speed up the time it takes to get paid.

accept credit card payments

Accept PayPal for easy invoice payments

Add PayPal as a payment option and make it easy for your customers to pay you on any device using Express Checkout.

accept PayPal payments

Manage credits and refunds easily

Need to issue a refund or make adjustments? Just create a credit note and apply it to another invoice or record a refund.

accepting payments online with credits and refund management

Get paid using Apple Pay

Accept Apple Pay as a payment option and make it easy for your customers to pay you.

accept credit card payments online with apple pay

Get paid securely with BPAY


Add BPAY as a payment option and give your customers the security of paying you from their online banking platform. 



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Connect a payment service to get paid quickly and easily online

Getting paid is easy with a range of payment services that seamlessly integrate with Xero, including PayPal and Stripe. See more payment providers in the Xero app marketplace.

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How to add a payment service

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