Get paid using Stripe and Xero

Wish your customers could pay you on the spot? We’ve teamed up with Stripe so you can accept online payments

Xero in partnership with Stripe

We’ll help you get paid faster

With the Stripe and Xero integration, your customers can pay invoices using their preferred payment method.

  • Included
    Accept credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Included
    Join millions of businesses around the world that use Stripe
Person holding tablet with Xero

Less time chasing payments

Auto pay allows you to set up and receive recurring card payments for repeat billing customers.

  • Included
    Add ‘Pay now’ on your invoices for online payment
  • Included
    You choose how often payments are deposited into your bank account
  • Included
    Your customer doesn’t need to keep track of your invoices
Payment screenshot in Xero

Every transaction accounted for

See the transaction data flow into Xero using the Stripe feed.

  • Included
    Automatically match payments and fees to the correct invoices
  • Included
    Reconcile in one click
  • Included
    Business data is more insightful with cash flow in one place
Importing transactions to Xero

We’ve used Xero right from the start and it’s become an integral part of the business.

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Use Xero with Stripe

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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Connect your Stripe account

If you’re already using Xero, you can create or link your Stripe account from within Xero.

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