Hnry vs Xero? We’ve got the answer

Looking for a Hnry alternative? Keep control of your accounts and collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper. Try Xero and see why more than 4.16 million subscribers worldwide choose Xero.

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Software that works for you

Clients can pay you by bank transfer or card into your own bank account; and Xero prepares your GST returns.

Switching to Xero is easy

Try Xero for free for 30 days then pay a monthly fee with no hidden costs; and we don’t take a % of earnings.

View up-to-date info anytime

Hnry vs Xero? Data from your own bank account flows into Xero for easy coding and up-to-date insights.

A path to better business

Xero lets you collaborate with your accountant, and has everything you need as your business grows.

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Compare Hnry vs Xero

Considering Xero as a Hnry alternative?

Use the table below to compare Hnry vs Xero. See how well Xero stacks up against Hnry and find out why it’s a Hnry alternative worth considering for your freelance, contracting or self-employed business.

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A table outlining the differences between Hnry vs Xero, and showing why it’s worth considering Xero as a Hnry alternative.

Hnry vs Xero? Discover the many benefits of using Xero

Xero can help you grow your business

With expert features and integrations, Xero can take you further, faster

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    You can share access to Xero and collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper
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    Get professional advice and learn how to maximise savings and minimise reworks
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    Save money long term by gaining important insights early on
View Xero pricing plans

Software that works for you

Deciding between Hnry vs Xero? Try Xero’s intuitive software and see how it significantly reduces admin time for your small business and keeps you in control.

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Making the switch is easy

Switching to Xero from spreadsheets, or to Xero from Hnry or other accounting software is easy and free. Xero offers a range of pricing plans at a flat monthly rate, along with automatic backups and updates.

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Access beautiful features

Add users at no cost, get free automatic software updates, and share access with your accountant or bookkeeper. Get an accurate up-to-date picture of how your business is doing any time

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A path to better business

Add extras like expenses and projects; plus browse the Xero App Store to easily find, try and buy business apps that connect with Xero to save time for working on your business.

A collage of pictures of Xero being used on a desktop and mobile, for people looking to choose between Xero vs Hnry.

Customer stories

See how Xero makes it easy for small businesses to stay on top of their finances and focus on doing what they love.

Penny Farthing Dan

Dan Bolwell is bringing a 19th century racing bike into the 21st century, and creating a lasting legacy.

Read Dan’s story
Dan Blowell stands with his penny-farthing bicycle, where a cockatoo bird randomly sits on the handles.

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Save $292.50 over 6 months

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Save $255 over 6 months

Usually $115

Now $57.50

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Save $345 over 6 months

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