Track inventory and control stock in Xero

Know your best-selling and most profitable product lines

Report on the performance of your products and services, see your profit margins by item, and use the information to make the right decisions on ordering and pricing.

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Get real-time stock valuations

See up-to-date stock levels and values, average purchase cost, and the quantity of stock committed to quotes when tracking inventory.

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Bulk import inventory records

Quickly import large numbers of inventory items from a spreadsheet and get inventory up and running quickly.

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Speed up quoting, invoicing and ordering

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Use inventory items to speed up data entry

Set up the things you buy and sell as untracked items to make creating quotes, invoices and purchase orders quick and accurate.

Create more accurate quotes and invoices, fast

Set up tracked inventory items to reduce data entry and typos – and see how much stock is on hand when you’re quoting and invoicing.

Attach documents to your inventory records

Keep supplier contracts close at hand and attach photos of inventory items for visual reference.

Connect an app to manage complex inventory

If your requirements for managing inventory are complex, check out the inventory apps that connect with Xero and speak to your advisor.

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