Make CIS scheme deductions and submit returns

Use Xero accounting software to manage CIS scheme deductions, submit returns and simplify compliance.

A building foreman at a construction site is relaxed about their CIS scheme deductions, knowing Xero makes it easy.

Automate CIS calculations

Xero automatically calculates the right amount of CIS deductions on your invoices from your mobile, and bills and invoices from your desktop, the moment you create them. You can get back to business.

A desktop computer displays a list of the CIS scheme deductions calculated for the subcontractors of a building firm.

File monthly CIS returns

Submit CIS scheme returns with a click in Xero’s CIS accounting software. File your monthly return directly from Xero to HMRC. All the data is taken from one convenient, accurate and secure source.

CIS construction scheme returns display on a screen ready to submit to HMRC at the end of the month.

Verify subcontractors

Use the advanced functionality of the CIS add-on to check and verify your subcontractors online. Add or import them as contacts, then confirm their SVN and their CIS scheme deduction rate with HMRC.

A screen in the CIS add-on shows a list of contractors ready to be checked and verified online.

Send statements directly

Email construction industry scheme payment and deduction statements to subcontractors directly from the CIS accounting software in Xero. Send statements to your subcontractors in bulk to save time.

A statement showing CIS construction scheme payments and deductions is ready for emailing to a subcontractor.

More about submitting CIS returns

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) requires tax to be deducted at source when payments are made by a contractor or subcontractor.

Learn more about the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

When you enable CIS as a subcontractor, Xero uses CIS account codes to calculate and apply deductions to your transactions. You then create invoices as usual. Check what deductions have been made by contractors on your behalf in the Suffered CIS report.

Find out about the Construction Industry Scheme in Xero

Xero can help take care of your CIS scheme obligations to HMRC and subcontractors. Use Xero to deduct the right CIS amount from subcontrator payments, download or bulk email statements to subcontractors, and export or file CIS returns direct to HMRC.

Find out about the Construction Industry Scheme in Xero

Set up CIS for your organisation in Xero and you can access the CIS account codes for use in transactions. Use Xero’s accounting software to generate invoices, bills, reports, payment and deduction statements, and returns showing CIS deductions.

See how to set up CIS in Xero

Subscribe to the CIS contractor add-on to file monthly CIS returns direct to HMRC. Check details of transactions in your report before you submit it. Verify subcontractors with HMRC and bulk email payment and deduction statements to subcontractors.

See how to file a monthly CIS return from Xero

Xero’s Starter, Standard and Premium plans let you calculate CIS deductions, run reports and export returns. Contractors can add the CIS add-on to their subscription to file CIS returns from Xero, verify subcontractors, and bulk email statements to them.

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