Accountant and bookkeeper resources

Find a wealth of knowledge and ideas for running your accounting or bookkeeping business and advising your clients.

Xero makes accounting easy. An accountant stretches while sitting at his desk with a laptop, coffee and files.

How to change your practice management software

Get the guide to managing the transition to Xero Practice Manager, so it doesn't feel like a leap into the great unknown.

Two business owners at a table with their laptop computers check Xero’s industry performance reports.

Industry performance reports

See how your firm compares with others in your region based on our accounting and bookkeeping benchmarking surveys.

The Pacesetters guide covers, with digital clouds on a blue sky. Cloud accounting is explored in Xero’s best-practice books.

The Pacesetters books and guides

Learn from pacesetting accountants and bookkeepers in these cloud accounting best-practice books by Doug LaBahn and Josh Drummond. They're available from Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. Plus, read the quick and informative free short guides, extracted from the books.

The Pacesetters shows how UK accounting practices are reshaping their industry.

The Pacesetters: Advisory describes how to add advisory services to your business

Head and shoulders photo of accountant Quan Ly of McRally.

Practice success stories

Accountants and bookkeepers share their challenges, learnings and triumphs on the way to success.

Accountant and bookkeeper stories: Xero partners share the ups and downs of their lives and careers.

Practice case studies: See how accounting and bookkeeping firms are using Xero practice products and tools.

An advisor discusses Xero and which apps are right for his two clients, at a table with a laptop.

App advisory playbooks

1000+ apps connect to Xero, helping the different parts of your clients' businesses work together more efficiently. Find out how to recommend the right ones to your clients.

Accountant and bookkeeper guides

Get advice, tips and information on business management, marketing your services, and building great client relationships.


Find out what kind of marketing you can do, when to do it, and how.

Business management

Get tips and tricks on running a successful firm or practice.

Cloud accounting

See how to drive profitability, revenue growth, and keep your clients happy.


Help your clients streamline paying employees and sidestep payroll pitfalls.

Great reads

10 ways your firm can find new clients. Marketing • 7 min read

How to become a virtual CFO. Business management • 8 min read

Get into freelance accounting with these 8 tips. Cloud accounting • 5 min read

How to fire a difficult client. Business management • 6 min read

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