Sustainability at Xero

Xero operates sustainably, respecting the planet, and supporting our communities and our people to thrive.

A Xero staff member smiling while serving food at a volunteer day.

Our approach and performance

We’re committed to sustainability. Find out about our values, materiality assessments and performance, and download resources.

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Our environment

We aim to explore more ways to enable sustainable business. We support eco-conscious suppliers and work to minimise our own emissions.

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Our customers, partners and communities

We love giving back in the areas where we do business. We know this directly influences the success of our small business customers.

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Xero staff members outside volunteering at a sanctuary.

Our people

We champion diversity and inclusion to cultivate an engaged global team that represents the needs of our customers.

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Supporting sustainable small business

Find resources to help small businesses operate more sustainably.

More about how Xero supports sustainable small business
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Managing ESG

Strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are key to delivering on our commitments.

See Xero’s policy and governance documents

Xero Annual Report 2024

Read about our performance, sustainability work, and the latest gender diversity figures.

Read the Xero Annual Report 2024

The Xero values

The Xero values underpin everything we do.

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