Make Shopify accounting easier with Xero

Combine Shopify’s sales tools with Xero’s powerful accounting functionality for a better view of business performance and easier ecommerce.

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Spend more time on sales, less on admin

Connect Xero and Shopify for easier management of your ecommerce business every day.

You’ll simplify Shopify accounting and bookkeeping because you can reconcile transactions against bank data in one click.

Automate finance admin

Shopify sales transactions flow automatically from Shopify to Xero where you can reconcile them against bank data in just a few clicks. So you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and simplify your Shopify accounting and bookkeeping.

Use Xero for your Shopify accounting and your sales transactions flow into Xero so you can track cash in and out and more.

Get faster, more accurate data

When you use Xero for your Shopify accounting software, there’s no need to manually export your Shopify data for finance purposes. Xero automatically shows your Shopify sales and fees on a daily basis so you can track revenue and profit.

 Get an overview of your cash account, invoices owed to you, total cash in and out, and bills you need to pay.

Easily track cash flow in one place

Get an overview of your business at a glance in the Xero dashboard. And use Xero’s cash flow and insights tools for the in-depth look at business performance you need to make more informed decisions.

How the Xero and Shopify integration works

The Shopify integration by Xero does not account for sales tax and can’t be used by tax-registered businesses.

  1. First you’ll need a Xero account. If you don’t already have one, sign up using the form below.
  2. Then connect your Xero and Shopify accounts by downloading the Xero and Shopify integration from the Xero App Store.
  3. Once connected, your Shopify sales will flow into Xero automatically and you’ll get a daily summary invoice of sales with a breakdown of fees.
  4. Easily reconcile Shopify transactions in Xero to keep your accounting accurate and up to date.Have a clearer view of your business performance in one place.
The Xero and Shopify integration helps keep your accounting accurate and up to date so you can focus on selling and service.

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