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Three steps to help your clients get set up on Xero


Get certified

If you and your team aren’t yet certified, you should consider doing the Xero advisor certification course. You’ll expand your own understanding of setting up and converting clients to Xero and learn more about the useful Xero features that will help clients save time and run their businesses better. If you want to move multiple clients to Xero at pace, the migration specialist course will help you prepare, set up and complete conversions.

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Choose resources

We’ve brought together helpful walk-through videos and support articles for you to share with each of your new Xero clients at the time that works best during your set up process with them.

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Xero Central support article catalogue

To take a more customised approach, select the individual articles and videos to share from the list below. There’s a description with each that you can copy and use - they’ve been written with new Xero users in mind.


Spread the word

There are many communication methods you can use to share Xero set up information with your clients. Here are some ideas and sample content you can use:

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Create a blog post that explains how easy it is to use Xero’s key features and link to the videos or Xero Central. Keep this post as a feature on your blog page (if you have that capability) and email each new Xero client a link to the post.

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If you talk about Xero on your website, that’s a good place to share the videos and articles. Say that they’re a booster or a refresher if you do most of the set up or training with clients before you invite them into their account.

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Directly email video and article links to your new Xero clients. If you use a tool like MailChimp or Boma, test email versions and track which is more successful: when you link to the single video page or Xero Central catalogue, or when you give people individual links to the videos and articles. 

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