Manage GST and file returns easily

Automatically prepare your GST returns for accurate, secure online filing direct from Xero to Inland Revenue.

A summary of GST transactions displaying on a tablet.

Prepare GST effortlessly

Xero records GST and includes it in returns.

Manage GST in Xero

View and adjust GST transactions and manage GST from prior periods.

Connect to IRD

Securely lodge online GST returns directly to Inland Revenue.

Prepare GST effortlessly

Xero calculates GST on each transaction and generates returns using whichever method you use.

  • Commonly used GST rates are already set up
  • Xero automatically records GST on each transaction
  • Enter transaction amounts as GST inclusive or exclusive

Manage GST in Xero

Accurately track, review and manage GST transactions in Xero.

  • View the next due date and GST you owe at any time
  • See, check and amend the transactions on a return as needed
  • Changes from prior returns show up on your latest return
A list of the GST transactions that make up the GST totals on an activity statement.

Connect to IRD

Submit GST returns securely from Xero to Inland Revenue to reduce errors, save double handling, and speed up filing.

  • File a GST only, or GST and provisional tax return
  • The time and date of your filing are confirmed in Xero
  • Track your return’s progress in myIR the next business day
A user selects the ‘File now’ button to submit GST returns to Inland Revenue from Xero.

More about GST

All your historical returns are retained securely in Xero for seven years in compliance with IRD regulation. Include notes that only you can see and never lose a GST return. Once a return is saved as a final return, no further changes can be made.

See how to file a finalised GST return online

Default GST rates come with Xero for income, expenses, imports, zero-rated and no GST. You can add tax rates if you need others too. Each account in the chart of accounts has an editable GST rate, or you can set up GST rates for specific contacts.

See how GST works in Xero

Use the GST audit report to check that a return includes all the transactions you expect to see in it and none that shouldn't be there. The GST reconciliation report looks at published GST returns to identify any unfiled or unpaid amounts.

See how to create, review and file a GST return

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Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business