Alfred Ang and Caltrix are making accounting cool again

Alfred Ang, founder and CEO of Caltrix, is reaping the rewards of his early adoption of Xero and cloud accounting.

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From desktop to cloud: evangelising cloud accounting

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many businesses are run all over the world. While the Malaysian economy has been particularly hard hit, Alfred Ang, founder and CEO of Caltrix, is reaping the rewards of early adoption of cloud accounting, and is confident about his business’ survival.

Head and shoulders shot of Alfred Ang, founder and CEO of Caltrix.

I foresaw how the cloud would play a critical role in the future of business and took an early plunge – I've not looked back since. Our clients claim a 10% to 30% improvement in productivity following the implementation of Xero and they no longer need to invest in desktop servers, resulting in savings of up to MYR 7,000 per client. A lot of people think of digitalisation as a quick and easy process, but we like to think of it as a marathon, not a sprint!

Alfred Ang, Caltrix

You can find out more about Caltrix on their website.

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