Easily convert your accounting data to Xero

No matter what accounting platform you are converting from, use the methods provided below to ensure a smooth conversion experience.

Pick a conversion method that suits your business needs


Convert one organization manually

Within Xero’s guided setup, you'll convert your client’s chart of accounts using the CSV template provided and input account balances.

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Move my books

Use our conversion partner, Movemybooks (pilot)

Convert current and prior year transactions to a Xero Standard or Premium plan organization with Movemybooks, Xero's conversion partner in Canada.

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Convert multiple organizations in bulk

Are you an accountant converting your clients data? Get in touch with our team and let us do the heavy lifting.

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Converting one organization to Xero

Convert in three steps

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Create a new organization in Xero

In order to add a new organization into Xero, log in to Xero Partner Edition and select “+ New Organization.”

Use Xero’s guided setup

Within Xero’s guided setup, convert your client’s chart of accounts using the CSV template provided and input account balances.

DIY convert any unpaid invoices and bills

Once you've completed the guided setup, import any unpaid invoices or bills using the CSV templates provided.

Conversion tips

Use Manual Journals for comparative reporting

Use Manual Journals for subsequent month over month reporting, or simply key in the year over year figures along with your opening balances.

Learn how to enter manual journals here

Upload any historical data into Xero Files

Xero Files allows you to easily access your clients' historical financials that were not necessary for conversion. Xero Files supports popular file types like CSV, XLS, and ZIP.  

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Need help? Contact your Xero Account Manager

Converting between accounting systems can be complex. Contact your Xero Account Manager for any assistance needed. Not sure who your account manager is?

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Pilot Xero’s conversion partner, Movemybooks

Canadian accountants and bookkeepers with clients using Sage 50 or QuickBooks Desktop can now convert up to 24 months of current and prior year transaction history to Xero Standard or Premium plan organizations with Movemybooks, Xero’s conversion partner in Canada. Standard conversions complete in approximately 2-3 business days.

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During the pilot, Movemybooks will convert the following data to new Xero Standard or Premium plan organizations:

  • Current and prior year transactions

  • Chart of accounts

  • Balances on chart of accounts

  • Customer and supplier contact details

  • Balances on customer and supplier accounts


Converting multiple organizations in bulk

If you're an accountant converting your clients data, our team can help by doing the heavy lifting.

Xero's Professional Services team will create the client organizations in Xero, set up the financial settings, and import a custom Chart of Accounts (if needed). All you need to do is input balances and begin using Xero.

To get started, get in touch with your account manager and start working with your partner consultant.

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