Easily convert your client’s accounting data

No matter what accounting platform your clients are converting from, use the methods provided below to ensure a smooth conversion experience.

Converting one organization to Xero

1. Create a new client organization in Xero

In order to add a new organization into Xero, log in to Xero Partner Edition and select “+ New Organization.”

2. Use Xero’s guided setup

Within Xero’s guided setup, convert your client’s chart of accounts using the CSV template provided and input account balances.

3. DIY convert any unpaid invoices and bills

Once you’ve completed the guided setup, import any unpaid invoices or bills using the CSV templates provided.

Conversion tips

Use manual journals for comparative reporting

Use Manual Journals for subsequent month over month reporting, or simply key in the year over year figures along with your opening balances.

Upload any historical data into Xero files

The Xero file library allows you to easily access your clients’ historical financials that were not necessary for conversion. Xero files supports popular file types like CSV, XLS, and ZIP.

Need help? Contact your Xero account manager

Converting between accounting systems can be complex. Contact your Xero account Mmnager for any assistance needed. Not sure who your account manager is? Log in to Xero to see your account manager

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