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JUNE 2019

NTR and Review Report Templates

Canadian Notice to Reader (NTR) and Review report templates are now available in Xero HQ. Easily create year-end financial statements across your entire client base using Xero’s flexible report templates, built just for Canadian accountants and bookkeepers.

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Daily bank feeds

Streamline practice workflows

Once your practice-wide report codes are mapped to each of your client's Chart of Accounts, you can quickly produce financial statements for all your clients.

Two-way sync

Customize to your liking

Easily tailor the report content and layout to suit practically any requirement.

Get started

Get started

Follow the steps in this Xero central article to get started with Report Templates.

MAY 2019

CIBC direct bank feed

CIBC bank balances and transaction data now flow directly into Xero, reducing manual data entry and ensuring clearer insight into cash flow. Be sure to sign up for CIBC SmartBanking™ for Business to get started.

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Daily bank feeds

Daily bank feed

CIBC bank balances and transaction data are transferred to Xero daily.

Two-way sync

Two-way sync

CIBC SmartBanking displays your business banking and Xero data to provide you with a consolidated dashboard of your bank accounts, payables, and receivables.

Get started

Get started

Follow the steps in this Xero Central article to get started with a CIBC bank feed.

I can imagine the founders 
of Xero wanted a world where accountants could work remotely, could surf, and wouldn't need to be in an office all day long. I hope that we're doing them proud – Chad Davis

APRIL 2019

GIFI code mapping

Map your client’s chart of accounts to GIFI codes and export directly out of Xero, streamlining your end-of-year workflow and reducing the need for third party apps.

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Only for Canadian partners

Search for GIFI codes

Search for all 850 GIFI code names and numbers to accurately map your chart of accounts.

Easily export GIFI file

Only for Canadian partners

Be sure you have the staff-level permission in Xero HQ to begin using GIFI code mapping.

Only for Canadian partners

Easy GIFI file export

Once your client’s Chart of Accounts are mapped, export the GIFI file directly out of Xero and upload into your tax preparation software. 


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