Introducing experts for the experts

Our Canadian partner consulting team is made up of qualified accountants and project experts with years of experience.

 Three smiling Xero partner consultants pose with arms crossed.

Meet the Canadian pre-sales partner consulting team

Aamar Yaseen, CPA

Senior pre-sales partner consultant | Calgary, AB

Headshot of the captain, Aamar Yaseen.

Meet Aamar Yaseen, the captain. Aamar will help you map your workflows and reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Whether you take the scenic or direct route, Aamar will ensure first-class service all the way to your desired destination.

Dinara Abdualiyeva, ACCA UK, CPA, MBA

Pre-sales partner consultant | Toronto, ON

Headshot of the translator, Dinara Abdualiyeva

Meet Dinara Abdualiyeva, the translator. With a background in auditing and consulting, and education from three continents, she's adept in many languages including being fluent in accounting. Holding ACCA, CPA, and MBA qualifications, Dinara turns complex financial lingo into clear, actionable insights. A problem-solver at heart, she's your guide to navigating Xero with ease.

Meet the Canadian post-sales partner consulting team

John Le, CPA

Senior post-sales partner consultant | Toronto, ON

Headshot of the point guard, John Le.

Meet John Le, the point guard. John leads the charge in setting the team up for victory. With his CPA background, he knows the ins and outs of the ‘game’ and sets the pace for progress. He ensures the team gains the skills needed to dominate and is ready with an assist to ensure a slam dunk. He’s the MVP you want on your team.

Natasha Siame

Senior post-sales partner consultant | Vancouver, BC

Headshot of the conductor, Natasha Siame.

Meet Natasha Siame, the conductor. Steering through transitions like a symphony leader, she ensures the team and clients hit the right notes, especially when moving to cloud-based solutions. Natasha's rich financial background tunes her into the unique challenges of small businesses and nonprofits, enabling her to tailor her guidance to their specific needs.

Rochelle Teodoro, CPA

Post-sales partner consultant | Toronto, ON

Headshot of the tax whisperer, Rochelle Teodoro.

Meet Rochelle Teodoro, the tax whisperer. With her CPA credentials and years as a seasoned tax accountant, she excels in turning complex financial stats into an engaging discussion. Rochelle's true talent lies in building connections, ensuring every interaction is not only informative but also strengthens partnerships.

Meet the Canadian enterprise partner services team

Chantal Douglas, AGA (SA), CIMA Adv Dip MA

Enterprise partner consultant | Toronto, ON

Meet the detective, Chantal Douglas.

Meet Chantal Douglas, your detective. Whether it's crafting the perfect tech stack, enhancing workflows, or switching to Xero, Chantal finds the smartest solutions. Expert in streamlining for the cloud and meeting financial deadlines, she's all about efficiency. Trust Chantal to decode your tech challenges.

Eli Meenhorst

Enterprise partner consultant | Vancouver, BC

Headshot of the customer's champion, Eli Meenhorst.

Meet Eli Meenhorst, the customer’s champion. With a knack for seamless data conversion and a passion for customer success, Eli transforms complex challenges into smooth transitions. His expertise ensures not just a technical fit but a strategy that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. Eli makes sure every byte counts towards enhancing your experience.

Glenn Ekron, CIMA Adv Dip MA

Partner success manager | Calgary, AB

Meet the cloud guru, Glenn Ekron

Meet Glenn Ekron, your cloud guru. Hailing from the vibrant shores of South Africa and now navigating the accounting terrain in Calgary, Glenn is your steadfast guide through the clouds. With a robust background in implementing cloud accounting services, Glenn ensures a seamless transition to modern financial solutions.

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