Help farming clients get ahead with Xero and Figured

Xero and Figured have created the definitive financial management tech stack for advisors and their farming clients.

Two farmers lean on the open tray of a ute in a field.

Xero and Figured for farmers & advisors

A powerful combination

Together Xero and Figured offer budgeting and long-term planning for livestock, dairy, and arable crop production.

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    Plan ahead with confidence
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    Re-forecast when conditions change
Watch this short video for more about Figured

Easy online accounting with Xero

An open laptop displaying a farm’s key financials on the Xero dashboard.

Learn more about Xero
An open laptop displaying a farm’s key financials on the Xero dashboard.

Manage farm financials with Figured

Logo of Figured farm financial management software.

Learn more about Figured
Logo of Figured farm financial management software.

Check out our webinar

Accounting for agriculture in the cloud

See how you can maximize financial visibility for your clients in the webinar, ‘Accounting for agriculture in the cloud’.

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    Industry snapshot
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    Why Xero + Figured for agriculture
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    Workflow demo
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    Dedicated resource for you and your clients

Watch the webinar

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A video recording of the  webinar ‘Accounting for agriculture in the cloud’ plays on a laptop.

Value for advisors

Enhance your role as a valued contributor to a financially sustainable farming operation and become the advisor of choice in your community.

Compliance, budgeting & forecasting

Help solve your client’s regulatory financial compliance, people compliance, and budgeting and forecasting needs using Xero and Figured.

Sound, timely advice

With Xero and Figured working hand-in-hand, you can offer clients relevant, accurate and timely advice in a scalable and repeatable way.

Help accessing capital

Empower your clients to be in the best possible position to access bank capital with the confidence to act quickly.

Value for farmers

Give clients an up-to-date view of their whole business and a clear strategy for the future.

Financial and HR compliance

Give your clients peace of mind and help prevent mistakes. Together Xero and Figured take care of financial and HR compliance.

Budgeting and financial forecasting

Budgeting and financial forecasting is made easy and all the farming governance team has access to the information to make sound decisions.

Access to bank capital

With compliance and governance taken care of, clients are well placed to access bank capital by illustrating a mitigated risk profile.

Resources to strengthen relationships

Handy resources for helping clients

We’ve developed some handy resources to help you work with your clients, strengthen your relationship, and demonstrate the power of Xero and Figured for their farming business.

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    Move to advisory
  • Included
    Client brochure

Move to advisory

Use Xero with Figured to go beyond compliance and step into agri-advisory services.

The front cover of the Xero and Figured brochure, featuring two farmers standing in front of farm vehicles.

Client brochure

Share this brochure with your clients to give them an overview of Xero and Figured.

Front cover of Xero for farming brochure with two farmers in front of a tractor, and an internal page with a farmer and cow.

Xero in your community

Meet your dedicated team throughout Canada and learn how they can help your practice grow with Xero.

Meet your team
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Plans to suit your business

All pricing plans cover the accounting essentials, with room to grow.


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