Monitor hours with time tracking software

Track time spent on projects with online tracking in Xero Projects. Accurately record and invoice hours for tasks.

A worker in a high-vis vest uses an online tracking app on their mobile device to enter time on the job.

Log time, any time

Record every minute spent on a job with time tracking software. Use the start-stop timer in the Xero Projects app to track time on the go. Or log hours against tasks from your desktop or the app.

An employee clicks to restart the start-stop timer on their time tracking software which has already recorded 34 minutes on the job.

Invoice for logged time

Use the online time tracker to record and invoice for time spent on a job either during a project or at completion. Make sure you’re invoicing correctly, whether charging fixed price or by the hour.

Watch over your projects

Use the Xero Projects desktop software or app for time tracking. See where time is being spent and if jobs are profitable or overrunning. Create invoices based on time logged by your project team.

An open laptop displays time tracking software.

Learn more about time tracking

Time tracking in Xero Projects is integrated with and dependent on using Xero’s accounting software. Project costs including time are added to invoices in Xero Projects. If you use Xero Payroll you can add entries from employee’s project timesheets.

Learn more about Xero Projects

If you subscribe to Xero Projects, you can download and use the mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Add a time entry to record time worked on a task, record time with the built-in start-stop timer, or copy an existing time entry.

See how to use the Xero Projects app

Confirm job location and enable your device to work out when you enter and when you leave. Xero Projects creates a timesheet to track time spent at the location. Review suggested time entries for your project team.

See how to set up auto time tracking by location

Use the time tracking software in Xero Projects to get insights into the time your team spends on projects and what proportion of that time is chargeable. See how much time staff have entered over a period, on specific projects, or for a client.

See how to run the Project Detailed Time report

Use the Project Staff time overview to monitor time spent across all projects for a given date range. You can see if your staff have completed their time entries, and whether they're meeting their targets for chargeable hours.

See how to view your staff project time

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