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Enjoy the freedom to collaborate, prepare and lodge income tax returns and activity statements for all your clients – anywhere, anytime.

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The days of desktop software and clunky downloads are over. Xero Tax lives securely in the cloud, so you’re free to log in and work from anywhere, anytime.

You can easily create and review tax returns for your Xero and non-Xero clients, and lodge them directly with the ATO. And because Xero Tax has been built with the ATO’s platform in mind, they work together seamlessly, making lodgment a breeze.


Getting started is simple

With no software to download, downtime to deal with or server upgrades to worry about, Xero Tax is good to go when you are. If you’re ready to make the move, get in touch with a Xero product specialist to help make it happen.

No software to install

Thankfully those days are over. Xero Tax lives in the cloud. Securely, of course.

No expensive licensing

Pay a small monthly fee, or enjoy access to Xero Tax as an added benefit of being a Xero partner.

No support costs

We’re here to help you get the most out of Xero Tax. And we regularly update the software too. All at no extra cost.

Xero Tax. It’s got the looks and functionality

Safe and secure

Over 1,000 firms rely on Xero Tax every day, More than one million tax forms (and counting) have been lodged with the ATO since we launched Xero Tax in 2013.

Single ledger integration

You can easily import a trial balance from Xero and map it to the appropriate labels on the tax return in less than 90 seconds.

All client details in one place

Manage a list of all of your clients and their contact details. You can easily import details from the ATO or your existing software to get started.

Create reports your way

A flexible report builder lets you create customisable practice-level reports on your client database or tax lodgments.

All returns are covered

Xero Tax has all the major tax forms covered including individual, partnership, company, trust, SMSF, FBT and activity statements available for 2014, 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Save time, work efficiently

Smart schedules, worksheets and workflows reduce the need for manual data entry. You can also pre-fill individual tax returns from the ATO portal.

Easy approvals with e-sign. Secure storage with Dropbox


Go paperless with e-sign – a simple, easy and legal way for your clients to electronically sign documents you send them from within Xero Tax. Your clients simply sign their declarations online, without the hassle of printing, hand-signing and sending. Discover more


We’ve also teamed up with Dropbox to give you a secure, centralised online place to store all your tax-related documents, making it easy to share and collaborate with clients. Discover more

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Whether you need a heads up on a product feature or an in-depth look at Xero Tax, we have a wide range of tools and resources to help.

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One team dedicated to constant improvement

Our team is made up of product specialists, developers, designers and testers who are committed to constantly improving Xero Tax. We launch new features and functionality throughout the year. These enhancements, which are based on customer feedback, happen regularly and not just when your subscription is due, or when new tax forms are released.

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Your questions answered

What does Xero Tax cost?

Xero Tax is an added benefit of the Xero partner program for bookkeepers and accountants at bronze or above. If you’re a starter partner (yet to reach bronze), you can purchase a single license for Xero Tax for $71.50 per month. Note: E-sign prices start at $85 for a bundle of up to 500 signed documents.

How are returns lodged and sent to the ATO?

If you’d like to lodge individual income tax returns, you’ll need to be registered for ELS with the ATO. For non-individual returns and all activity statements, you’ll need to set up cloud software authentication and authorisation to lodge them via SBR. Your settings are safely and securely stored in the cloud within Xero Tax and can be used on any device.

What are the newest changes we’ve made to Xero Tax?

We frequently update and improve the available tax forms, worksheets and features of Xero Tax. See the latest updates.

What support options are available?

Xero Practice products are supported by Xero via dedicated email support, the award winning Xero Help Centre, as well as online learning delivered via Xero U and Xero TV. You can also engage with Practice Studio implementation partners. They can provide end to end assistance with implementation, migration, training and ongoing email and telephone support for all Practice Studio products including Xero Tax. If you would like more information about our support, contact us or speak to your dedicated Xero account manager.

How does Xero Tax integrate with client accounting?

For activity statements, Published activity statements can be imported from Xero organisations into Xero Tax. Connect to a Xero organisation and select a published activity statement to pre-fill the activity statement form fields in Xero Tax. Alternatively, you can enter data directly into the activity statement form for non-Xero clients.

For income tax returns, trial balance information can be imported from Xero organisations into Xero Tax. Simply map the line items to the appropriate labels on the income tax return and click import. The mapping is retained automatically and rolls forward to subsequent years. If you adjust the values in the Xero organisation, they can be adjusted on the tax return automatically by clicking update from Xero.

How do I migrate my existing client data?

Active client list details can be imported via CSV from your existing software or directly from the ATO Portal. If you’d like to migrate tax return data from common legacy desktop solutions then we recommend you engage a certified Xero Practice Studio implementation partner to assist or contact our enablement partner consulting team.

What forms are supported by Xero Tax?

Xero Tax supports the electronic lodgment of the following forms and schedules with the ATO:

  • Instalment Activity Statement

  • Business Activity Statement

  • Annual GST Return

  • Individual Tax Return

  • Partnership Tax Return

  • Company Tax Return

  • Consolidated Losses Schedule

  • International Dealings Schedule
  • Trust Tax Return

  • SMSF Tax Return

  • Fringe Benefits Tax Return
What forms/features are not yet available in Xero Tax?

Xero Tax does not contain tax returns for years before 30 June 2014. We also do not currently feature:

  • APRA-Regulated Superannuation Fund Return Form

Unless otherwise specified, we’ll evaluate the need to develop these forms based on customer feedback.

Do all my clients need to be on Xero in order to use Xero Tax?

No. It’s easier to manage your business clients end to end with the Xero single ledger but there’s no requirement for you to have each client on a Xero ledger/organisation in order to prepare their tax return or activity statement. Xero Tax is governed by a fair use policy. For more information click here.