Document packs are here for easy, secure e-signing

Collate tax returns and financial reports into document packs, and share them securely with clients for digital signatures – all from inside Xero HQ.

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collate documents in packs
Collate documents in packs

Keep clients’ financial statements, reports and tax returns in one place.

prepare pdf documents
Prepare PDFs

Add a signature line to PDFs as well as the names and emails of those who need to sign.

share documents packs securely
Share documents securely

Ask clients to visit  a secure Xero portal  where documents await their e-signature.

get signatures back fast
Get signatures back fast

No printing or scanning. Just sign and go with Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign.

Save your time and energy for better things

Say goodbye to collating, sending and chasing up individual documents for signatures. Do it all at once and do it quickly with document packs in Xero HQ. 

Combine tax returns from Xero Tax, reports from the client’s Xero organisation, and PDFs that you upload from your computer. Then add any extra signature lines, upload the document pack to a secure online portal, and invite clients to log in and sign using Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign.

Simplify your life

Send document packs to be e-signed by multiple people, and avoid chasing clients to print, sign, scan and email documents back to you.

How to get started

You’ll find document packs on the Xero HQ menu. To use them, you’ll need to have Xero Tax with Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign.

See how to create, edit or delete a document pack

Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign

Request an e-signature directly from Xero Tax. Or add one to a document pack in Xero HQ using Xero Sign powered by Adobe Sign. An audit trail of the history is available on the tax return.

Bundle pricing

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