Take control of workpapers and workflows

Manage your practice’s digital compliance workflows including customised work programs, client queries and workpapers.

Set up workpaper packs

Auto-populate workpapers and assign to staff.

Analyse Xero data

Access and validate trial balances from Xero.

Gather client information

Request documents and other details from clients.

Track progress

See what stage your workpapers are at.

Set up workpaper packs

Create workpapers and schedule the work that’s needed.

  • Choose and create workpapers using trial balance information from Xero
  • Set materiality thresholds at the practice level or for individual workpapers
  • Assign workpaper packs to staff with start and stop dates for a job
An alphabetical list of clients shows which staff members are assigned to work on each workpaper pack.

Analyse Xero data

Review clients’ trial balances and the supporting data that’s been seamlessly imported from their Xero organisation.

  • Validate the information and investigate errors
  • View the previous and current financial year's closing balance from the client’s chart of accounts
  • Access Xero reports and review and enter supporting balance figures to reconcile the Xero balance
An accountant checks the details of an invoice when reviewing a client’s trial balance.

Gather client information

Request documents and information from clients and handle queries and answers efficiently.

  • Send standard queries that come with Xero Workpapers to clients, or create your own
  • Link queries to a workpaper and keep track of them
  • Upload and attach, or link documents to a workpaper
An accountant creates a query asking a client to send a copy of a specific invoice.

Track progress

See who’s assigned to workpapers and their status.

  • Turn on email notifications for workpaper packs you or your team are working on
  • See workpaper alerts in the Xero HQ activity list
  • Mark individual workpapers as reviewed and check review status
An accountant works on client workpapers at their laptop in a cafe.

More about Xero Workpapers

Add custom workpapers to workpaper packs and choose the layout. Include a custom workpaper in new packs for all entities or for specific ones. Mark a workpaper as a favourite and share it with others in your practice.

How to create custom workpapers

Use journal entries to exclude GST adjustments from the GST return in Xero. Any manual journals and adjustments created and edited in Xero Workpapers are seamlessly updated to the client's accounts in Xero when you’re ready.

Make adjustments and journals that flow into the client’s Xero accounts

Sync Xero Workpapers with Practice Manager at both practice and client level to automatically import your clients and several of their key details. Plus exchange data with Xero HQ and Xero Tax and integrate with over 30 third-party apps including proposal, onboarding, and document management apps.

See how to sync Xero Workpapers with Xero Practice Manager

Customise a standard management letter, compilation agreement and year-end questionnaire for your practice to use and edit them as needed for specific clients. Add or exclude paragraphs, and use placeholders to be replaced with text when you create the letter or query.

See how to set up the compilation agreement and questionnaire

Xero Workpapers uses report codes to map the data you import from Xero to the workpapers in a workpaper pack. When you set up a pack, you can choose to use the account code to report code mappings from your client’s Xero chart of accounts, or let Workpapers predict the report codes based on the account names. Exclude codes if you want to leave specific information out of a workpaper.

See how to use Xero report codes

Add notes to workpapers or edit an existing note. And use a basic spreadsheet if you want to add data to substantiate the workpaper. Show or hide the calculation sheet as needed.

See how to add notes and do calculations

Start using Xero Workpapers for free

Xero Workpapers comes with Xero Tax or Xero Practice Manager at no extra charge. You can try it free for 60 days.