Chapter 5

Delivering a great match day experience

In the throws of match day excitement, you might struggle to see whether all areas of the stadium are delivering an excellent experience. Shrey notes a few things he looks out for at Lewes FC.

“I love to see kids’ faces after a game. They’re the most honest feedback providers, so if they’re smiling and waiting by the players for autographs, that means it’s been a good one. We also send a feedback form after the game, and I regularly check that to see what needs improving. Social media helps too – people share stories and feedback there.”

And of course, having a physical presence at the grounds and in the town helps facilitate even more feedback from fans.

“Because I go around and speak to people in the grounds, I also get a lot of direct feedback when out in the town. People stop me in the street and say ‘the other day at the stadium, this happened…’”

But when the going gets tough – and keeping an eye on every aspect of match day feels overwhelming – there’s one sentiment that Shrey holds onto: “It could be someone’s first game at Lewes FC, it could be their last. We want to give it the same energy every time, so they go back thinking about how good their day was.”