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The Austin and San Antonio team can help take your practice to the next level and change how you work with your clients.

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Meet the Austin and San Antonio team

I analyze and optimize practices with Xero. I'll be your main point of contact as your practice grows on the platform.

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I analyze and optimize practices with Xero. I'll be your main point of contact as your practice grows on the platform.

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I’ll guide you through the conversion process as you start moving your clients’ data to Xero, implementation, and setting up your account.

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I'm here to help current and potential partners along their journey to the cloud and expand the mindset of the profession.

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Our Austin and San Antonio partners

Our partner spotlight series profiles exceptional Xero partners and their journeys to cloud accounting.

Read our partner spotlight interviews

Meet Nati, accounting manager at Roland Wawrzyniak and a silver Xero partner. Xero has enabled Nati to create an accounting platform with structured processes, a secure audit trail, timely reporting, and an internal filing system.

Spotlight on Nati Shaw
Headshot of Nati Shaw, account manager at Roland Wawrzyniak.

Meet Lee Ann, a silver Xero partner and owner of GoodBooks. She used her Xero partner marketing funds and training program to create a 90-day marketing plan to help spread the word about her business.

Spotlight on Lee Ann Crockett
 Headshot of owner of GoodBooks, Lee Ann Crockett.

Meet Rusty and Cassie, silver Xero partners and owners of Hale CPA. Using the latest technology and apps, they and their team help small business clients produce high quality accounting information on a small business budget.

Spotlight on Hale CPA
Headshot of Hale CPA owners, Cassie and Rusty Hale.

Meet Cheryl, one of the owners of Austin Bookkeeping & Consulting and a silver Xero partner. Using Xero is the most significant technological change she's introduced to clients, and it has given her a more collaborative relationship with them.

Spotlight on Cheryl Finfrock
Headshot of Cheryl Finfrock, co-owner of Austin Bookkeeping & Consulting.

Meet Walter, a Xero bronze partner and founder of Bank Life. Using new technologies like Xero, he created efficiencies for small businesses and cut down on time and costs for both setups and ongoing financial management.

Spotlight on Walter Moten II
 Headshot of Walter Moten II, Bank Life founder.

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