Plan for the future with Xero for farming

Doing business is beautiful with online accounting software from Xero. Simple and easy-to-use, Xero connects to other farming apps to make doing the books the easiest part of running a business.

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Xero, Figured and PaySauce: a powerful combination for farmers and advisors

Xero connects with Figured and PaySauce to integrate real-time financial data with farm production information and payroll. You know better than anyone that farming can be a volatile profession, so it’s vital that you have an up-to-date view of your whole business in order to build a clear strategy for the future. Together, Xero, Figured and PaySauce take care of financial and HR compliance requirements, giving you peace of mind and helping to mitigate costly mistakes. 

With access to the tools you need to better manage your farm, you can:

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  • keep numbers up to date and connect to your advisors

  • get real-time insights into your business

  • streamline manual bookkeeping tasks and data entry

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  • get clarity on your farm financials with accurate long term plans and monthly budgets
  • real time reporting to keep the team up to date
  • track the financial impact of production activities 
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  • automate payroll compliance
  • centralise payroll, rosters, timesheets and banking
  • cut down admin with minimum wage top-ups

Run your farm with the ultimate partnership

Find out how the combined power of Xero, Figured and PaySauce can help you run a more informed and efficient business.

Cloud-based tools help you:

•  stay connected to your whole farming team   •  access information to make confident decisions   
•  create a sustainable, profitable business   •  access bank capital by illustrating a mitigated risk profile

The power of Xero for agricultural businesses

Save time

Automate time consuming and repetitive financial management tasks, like bank imports, transaction matching, repeat billing and more.

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Work from anywhere

Keep track of business from anywhere with the Xero mobile app. Send invoices, input receipts, and reconcile bank transactions wherever you are.

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Keep track of business

See all your business information in one place with the Xero dashboard. Customise reports, monitor your spending, and stay on top of cash flow.

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Get paid faster

Create and send custom invoices with automatic payment reminders. And connect with app partners like GoCardless, PayPal and Stripe for even faster payments.

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Collaborate as a team

Invite your accountant, bookkeeper, bank manager and employees into Xero and you can all see the same information even if you're not in the same room.

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Real-time insights

Powerful reporting gives you an up-to-date view of your financial position. Connect with farming apps like Figured to get even greater insights into your business.

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Plans to suit your business

All pricing plans cover the accounting essentials, with room to grow.

Speak to your accountant or bookkeeper

If you’d like to know more about how Xero for Farming can work for you, please speak to your accountant or bookkeeper. If you don’t have an advisor you can find one through the Xero advisor directory.


Find the perfect advisor for your agricultural business

Find an advisor that's right for you and your agricultural business. You can search for Xero certified, industry specific accountants and bookkeepers from around the country. 

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