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We’ve curated a selection of courses to introduce you to Xero, help you get certified, and master areas such as migrating new clients, reporting, and advisory. Take a look at the topics below to identify which area you need to learn about. Then follow the link to Xero Central to start learning.

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Why Xero? Why now?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small to medium businesses. We have over two million business subscribers globally and over half a million accounting partners – ranging from sole traders to global enterprise practices, like you.

By working closely with Xero, you can help your clients explore what matters most to them – whether that’s growing their business, diversifying their products and services, exploring new markets, improving processes, or going completely digital.

Why cloud, why Xero

Using Xero on a daily basis

This course is for staff who use Xero day-to-day and talk to clients about Xero.

Get started with Xero Central, our one-stop shop for learning and support. Learn how to confidently position Xero to your clients and the best way to demo the software. Find out how to set a business up in Xero, and tips and tricks for data automation.

Converting clients to Xero

This course is for staff who set up clients in Xero.

It’s vital to set up a business in Xero the right way from the beginning. You’ll most likely have clients moving across from a range of different accounting solutions.

Learn how to move a business to Xero from spreadsheets, Sage, MYOB and QuickBooks, and migrate all existing data.

Xero advisor certification

Certification is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of Xero's features.

You have a number of options for completing certification: online courses, webinars, live classroom, or the fast-track assessment.

Quarterly product update

Maintain your Xero advisor certification by keeping up with Xero’s latest product updates and feature releases. We’ll show you our new releases and what’s on the roadmap for the next 90 days.

Master reporting in Xero

This course is for staff who run reports in Xero.

Save time and create consistent reports across all your Xero clients by using report templates. Get familiar with the basics and set up templates in Xero HQ so they're ready to use for client reporting.

Integrate third party apps

This course is for staff who advise clients on how to manage and grow their business.

Xero connects to over 1,000 apps. Explore how to create an end-to-end cloud solution for clients across various industries. Learn how to compare and choose the most suitable apps for a business.

Manage practice staff and clients

This course is for staff who manage access to client files and manage billing subscriptions.

Learn how to manage practice tasks in Xero HQ, like adding and removing staff and starting new client files. Implement best practice security procedures in your firm.

Xero Payroll

This course is for staff who process payroll in Xero – currently available in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Explore all our content on processing payroll in Xero. Pick the topics you want to learn more about or get payroll certified.

Xero Payroll product updates

Keep up with Xero’s latest payroll product updates and feature releases. We’ll show you our new payroll releases and what’s on the roadmap for the next 90 days.