Inland Revenue terms of use

Here are Xero’s terms of use for filing GST with Inland Revenue.

By clicking ‘File Now’ in the GST section of Xero (which also includes provisional tax, if applicable), you agree to and acknowledge these GST filing terms and conditions:

  • You authorise Xero to file your GST return with Inland Revenue.
  • You will still need to make any GST payments to Inland Revenue the way you always have – this feature only covers the filing of the GST return.
  • Xero will only send Inland Revenue the information on the relevant GST return form as it sits in Xero.
  • If the data in the relevant GST return form belongs to someone else, or has personal information relating to someone else, you must have their consent to send that data to Inland Revenue as part of the filing process.
  • The responsibility for data accuracy remains with you, and all your usual tax obligations apply.