Get sorted for the end of the financial year

Know your numbers and get the new financial year off to the best start with Xero. Get your business books in order before the end of the financial year.

A cake shop owner reviews how the business has performed at financial year end.

End of financial year explained

The financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March. Get your finances in order before the end of the financial year so an accurate tax return can be prepared.

The owner of a music shop strums a guitar, knowing the books are in order for EOFY.

When your income tax return is due

The due date for most businesses is 8 July unless you have an extension or use an advisor with an extension.

More end of financial year dates

Pay your EOFY income tax by 7 February in the next year, or 2 April if you or your advisor have an extension.

Complete your EOFY tax return

Declare how much profit your business earned and any business expenses you can claim as a deduction.

Retain business records

Inland Revenue requires businesses to keep certain records of business transactions for at least seven years.

Get your own financial year calendar

See all the key dates and deadlines for the financial year at a glance with this handy tax-year calendar.

Open the NZ financial year calendar (pdf)
A freelancer looks up the dates that apply to their business at the end of the financial year.

Find an accountant or bookkeeper

Working with your accountant or bookkeeper is easy with Xero. Find one to suit in the Xero advisor directory. They can provide business advice as well as helping you comply with end of financial year requirements.

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Webinars to help you get sorted for the end of the financial year with Xero

Whether it’s your first financial year-end or your fiftieth, these webinars, videos, and guides can help you know your numbers and get ready for tax time. Register for online webinars to learn more about Xero.

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Prepare for EOFY with Xero

Xero has the tools you need to keep track of your accounts and help you know your numbers this financial year end.

Easy quoting and invoicing

Send online invoices as soon as the job is done. Set automatic reminders to spend less time chasing payments.

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Simple bank reconciliation

Keep track of your cash flow with daily bank reconciliation. Save time and stay up-to-date on your finances.

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Capture bills and receipts

Automate tasks like entering bills and receipts. Key info is extracted from bills and receipts into Xero.

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Use Xero to get EOFY sorted

Access all Xero features free for 30 days and know your numbers this financial year end.