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Easy-to-use payroll software from Xero makes payday filing easy. Xero seamlessly integrates with Inland Revenue so payday filing is done automatically with each pay run.

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How payday filing works in Xero

Payday filing is easy with Xero. After a one-off connection is established with Inland Revenue, payday filing happens automatically each time you complete a pay run in Xero Payroll.   

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Easy payroll and payday filing
How to set up payday filing in Xero?

The one-off connection is established with Inland Revenue from a link in Xero. If multiple people are posting pay runs, each person sets up their own connection with their myIR login.

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What is payday filing?

Payday filing is a new way of reporting employee information, compulsory from 1 April 2019. Each time staff are paid, employee information needs to be filed to Inland Revenue within two days.

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What is payday filing and how does it affect my business?

Payday filing has changed the way businesses report employee pay, employee taxes, and KiwiSaver contributions to Inland Revenue. We walk you through the main points.

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Payday filing FAQs