Meet the category winners: Trailblazing with technology

View the videos submitted by the Xero Beautiful Business Fund winners in the trailblazing with technology category.

Global winner: Buzz Burrows | New Zealand

Buzz Burrows designs and manufactures unique pendant lights using digital fabrication and emerging technologies. The Xero funding will be used to purchase a laser cutter that will improve workflow, reduce fabrication time and reduce waste. The Xero funding will also enable Buzz Burrows to explore new designs and to develop new market opportunities.

Natura Pacific | Australia

Natura Pacific is a social enterprise that connects communities with the natural world through regenerative agriculture. They plan to replace the 1960s diesel tractor they use for orchard spraying with an agricultural drone that will reduce organic spraying time twelvefold, and they’ll show other farmers how to do the same.

Hoot Reading | Canada

Hoot Reading is a leading online tutoring service providing one-on-one, evidence-based literacy instruction with qualified teachers. They intend to use the Xero funding to prioritize modernization and growth using AI, speech recognition, and machine learning to automate, track, assess, and scale efficiently in partnerships with districts, schools and non-profit organizations.

Oysterly | Singapore

Oysterly is an agency that specialises in helping businesses grow by telling their story on TikTok. The Xero funding will be used to create an AI tool that content creators around the world can use to check the quality of the videos they produce, streamlining Oysterly’s current manual process.


Mygrow | South Africa

Mygrow provides a software solution based on neuroscience that builds emotional intelligence in employees, psychologically reconfiguring teams for optimal performance. They’ll use the Xero funding to speed up the evolution of their AI functionalities to assist in developing, measuring and tracking emotion-based soft-skills. This will help them more effectively deliver on their vision of building an emotionally intelligent world.


Let’s Go Physio | United Kingdom

The neurological physiotherapists at Let’s Go Physio work to rehabilitate children and adults who’ve been diagnosed with neurological and other conditions. With Xero’s help, they plan to purchase video vector gait-analysis and 3D scanning equipment that will help assess patient’s walking patterns, resulting in better fitting splits, and footwear leading to more effective, faster rehabilitation.

SuvaNova | United States

Film production and animation company SuvaNova bring their clients’ stories to life using innovative film-making. The Xero funding will allow them to purchase new hardware, upskill their designers, and re-engineer the rendering workflow, using advanced AI and graphic technology to move them into the world of real-time animation.

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