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Why teach with Xero?

Future of accounting
It's the future of Business

Xero is used by 2 million + small businesses  – accountants, bookkeepers, schools and universities – in over 100 countries.

Real-world skills
Teach real-world skills

Educate high school, university and adult learners  using leading-edge cloud-based small business software.

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Manage your students access for longer than 30 days and easily create reusable content for your students hands on learning.

Want free NCEA teaching resources?

Along with a detailed student instruction manual including exercises that can be used with a free 30-day trial of Xero. You’ll get: 


• Four 3-hour student exercises with .csv data files to upload

• A 2-hour NCEA assessment, teacher marking schedule and completed .csv data file

• Online feedback form for students and teachers


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