Employee management made easy with Xero

Save time and empower your people with payroll and expense management all connected in one place.

A business owner and employee working together at a table, using Xero’s employee management add-ons on a laptop computer.

Reduce your employee admin

Over 34% of SMB leaders in NZ said stress levels dropped when managing employee admin through software. That's where Xero tools can help.

Empower your employees

Ease your admin stress by empowering your employees with our employment management tools.

Powerful connected tools

Xero Payroll, Xero Me and Xero Expenses can help you create a thriving workplace and reduce admin fatigue.

Get time back

Give your employees controlled access to Xero Me, so they can self-serve their work admin tasks.

User using Xero app on an iPad on a stack of papers

Xero Payroll: Pay staff with ease

Manage payroll compliance with confidence. Pay your employees with ease, accurately and on time, all in the one place.

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Xero Me: Employee self-service

Empower your team with Xero Me. Give staff tools to view payslips, submit timesheets, leave requests and more.

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Employees using Xero Me’s self-service

Xero Expenses: Expenses on the go

Effortless employee expense management. Capture costs as they happen, monitor employee spend, save time with smart reconciliation.

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A hand holding a mobile device, showing an example of the Xero Expenses app interface.

The benefits of Xero’s connected tools

Pay employees in just a few clicks with Xero Payroll. Payroll automatically calculates employee pay, tax rates and leave entitlements, and syncs with your Xero accounts.

Xero directly connects and submits Payday filing reports to IR automatically after every pay run, helping you file on time. We also keep track of the latest payroll and associated tax laws and do the calculations for you.

Set your people up for success and say goodbye to repetitive requests with employee self-service. Your staff can view payslips, submit timesheets, leave, expense claims, and more with Xero Me. You control the access levels, too.

Two images, of a business owner and employees working together, and hands typing on a laptop computer.

The changing world of work report

We surveyed NZ small businesses and employees to build a picture of their most pressing challenges right now.

The cover of the ‘Changing world of work’ report.

Navigating a new world

Rebuilding the business post COVID-19 was sighted as the top challenge (66%) ahead for small business.

What concerns employers?

20% of small business employers are worried about retaining their staff.

What is impacting mental health?

48% agreed that managing employee processes in an ever-changing regulatory environment impacted mental health.

What concerns employees?

17% of employees said slow and outdated technology is a root cause of frustration with admin tasks.

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