Marketing funds to help grow your practice

Access to marketing funds are just one of the perks of the Xero partner program. Let us help you grow and achieve your business goals.

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Funding for partners at bronze and above

For certified bronze, silver, gold and platinum partners in the United States and Canada, we’ll help fund pre-approved marketing activities.

Learn about the Xero partner program

How the partner marketing fund works

We’ll share the costs with you

At Xero, we're dedicated to investing in your success and helping you achieve your business goals.

  • Included
    Certified bronze and above partners gain access up to $2000 in cooperative marketing funds each fiscal year.
  • Included
    We’ll cover 50% of the cost for approved co-branded marketing activities up to the $2000 limit.
  • Included
    Your allocated marketing funds renew every fiscal year on April 1.

What’s covered by the fund

Review the partner marketing fund guide to see what's covered then follow the steps below to apply for marketing funds.

Read the Partner Marketing Fund Guidelines (PDF)
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Four easy steps to receive marketing funding

Follow these steps to apply for and receive reimbursement from the partner marketing fund.

  • Step 1. Apply for funding

    Before you begin, tell us about your marketing project or campaign. We’ll review your proposal and be in touch within five business days.

    Send your proposal to
  • Step 2. Get approved & start marketing

    Pre-approved? Start marketing! Don't forget to share your drafts with us before launching your campaign to ensure they meet our guidelines.

    Find resources for marketing your practice
  • Step 3. Get reimbursed

    Completed your campaign? Send us your supporting documents: proof of activity, vendor invoices and a bill to Xero for reimbursement.

  • Step 4. Woohoo – money in the bank!

    Once we’ve verified your supporting documents, we’ll process your reimbursement. It can take up to 30 days before you receive payment.

    Email the team with queries

Here are some key requirements to keep in mind to ensure you're eligible for reimbursement:


Be sure to include a Xero partner badge and highlight the benefits of using Xero.

Review the Partner Marketing Fund Guidelines


Complete your marketing activity within the current fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to March 31.


Submit all supporting documentation by March 1 of the same fiscal year (rollover funds are not allowed).

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