Marketing Boost terms and conditions

1. The details of the Marketing Boost package offered to you by Xero, is at Xero's sole discretion and may be varied at any time, and will not be subject to negotiation.

2. The services provided through the Marketing Boost will be provided directly to you by Bizink Group Limited (Bizink), not Xero, and the terms between you and Bizink will be:

3. Xero is not a party to Bizink’s terms of use for Xero customers.

4. Xero will not be liable for any acts or omissions of Bizink, and will not be responsible for any issues or disputes associated with Bizink’s services, and you specifically disclaim any such claims.

5. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred by you over and above what Xero has specifically agreed to fund in the relevant Marketing Boost package (for example, if you elect to obtain further services from Bizink).

6. Additional terms may apply which we will advise you of at the time.

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