Partner guide to using Hubdoc

These resources have the tips and materials you need to get clients up and running on Hubdoc and Xero.

Let's start with an overview

Before using Hubdoc, it’s helpful to understand the automation that happens when you use Xero and Hubdoc together – and how it’ll win you back time in your day. This Xero Central video is a great introduction. You’ll also find important information and answers to common questions on the partner resource page

For the ultimate introduction to using and benefitting from Hubdoc every day, we highly recommend you do this Xero Central course.

Adopting Hubdoc across your practice

We suggest that Xero partners who have never used Hubdoc before set up a free practice Hubdoc organization, then create organizations for each client. This way you can test out Hubdoc and familiarise yourself with the features before adding clients.  Follow these steps to set up your Hubdoc practice organization.

While testing out Hubdoc at your practice, we encourage you to try out all of the app’s features; however, we understand that your time is limited and you might not know where to start!

Hubdoc automates data entry and document collection, and streamlines bookkeeping workflows. Here’s an overview of Hubdoc’s core functionality:

1. Document collection

Hubdoc lets you add paper and digital documents by:

  • dragging and dropping from your desktop
  • email using your unique intake email address
  • taking a photo with the Hubdoc mobile app
  • scanning documents using the integration with ScanSnap Cloud
  • uploading multi page documents and split PDFs in Hubdoc

2. Code and post transactions to Xero

  • Hubdoc extracts the key data from uploaded documents (contact, date, total amount, invoice number and more) ready to code and publish to Xero
  • Hubdoc imports your contacts and chart of accounts when connected to Xero
  • To make things even more efficient, you can set up supplier rules and automate how documents are coded and posted by enabling autosync

3. Reconcile transactions in the Xero bank feed

  • Once documents and their data are published to Xero, it’s matched to the corresponding transaction in the bank feed and can be reconciled with the original document attached.

Thousands of advisors have already implemented Hubdoc as part of their standard cloud accounting solution. Once you see what it can do, you too can explain its value to your clients, and show how Hubdoc can save you both time while giving you a more accurate view of a client’s financials.

Hubdoc is included in Xero plans

Hubdoc is available in all regions and can be set up from within Xero. Hubdoc is included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans. For clients on Xero Cashbook or Xero Ledger, Hubdoc is still available at retail price and easy to set up from within Xero. As a Xero partner, you get access to a free Hubdoc account for your practice.

How to bring clients on to Hubdoc

This four-part guide is for you if you’re ready to start talking to clients about Hubdoc.

Choosing clients to add to Hubdoc

Find out which clients you should add to Hubdoc first and learn how to create your first Hubdoc cohort.

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Communicating the value of Hubdoc

Here's how to introduce Hubdoc to your clients and explain its benefits. 

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Making a plan

Set up a plan with your clients before they start using Hubdoc.

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Onboarding clients to Hubdoc

Here’s advice to keep in mind before, during, and after your client onboarding sessions.

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Our clients are able to view their data online with us in real time. It’s all in black and white. That accountability and transparency do wonders for the client relationship and building trust.

– Tate Henshaw, Polay + Clark

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Case study

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