Quote example

Follow this example of a quote to create your own. It shows what you’re supposed to put on a quote, and where those pieces of information go. Use it to format your next quote.

Example quote format

Quotes identify the customer and supplier, then detail the products or services to be sold. Prices for each item are added at the bottom, and tax applied as required.

Be clear if the price is GST/HST exclusive.

Want to borrow this template?

If you like the format of the quote in this example – we can send it to you as a template.

Quote and bill at speed

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Why quote format matters

Your quote will probably compete with others. Don’t leave the customer to guess at what they get for their money. And make it easy for them to contact you if there are questions.

You don’t have to commit to a price forever so put an expiry date on your quote. You can follow up with the customer before it runs out, which will show that you’re keen to win the job.

If you’re not too sure about the price, consider calling it an estimate instead.

Use this quote example to format your first few and go from there. You’ll eventually want to add your own touches, like a logo. You can build your own template with quoting software.