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Thursday I May 11th

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Tuesday I May 16

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Tuesday, I May 30

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Thursday I June 1

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State of the Industry: leveraging the cloud

Join country manager, Faye Pang, as we discuss everything from living with inflation to managing the skills shortage. We'll take a deep dive into opportunities on the horizon.

People climbing

Partner Spotlight: people, processes and change management

We're bringing partners to the stage, so you can hear about the topics that matter most. You'll hear from regional ambassadors on how to convert to the cloud, what pitfalls to avoid, how to get your staff on board early, and all about change management.

Xero community

Automating your workflow

Explore how Xero features can streamline your data. You'll learn about the benefits of building a connected solution, and how it can help manage client information.

Product updates

Converting to Xero

We'll take you through a step by step process on how best to get your data into Xero. We'll explore ways to prioritize your clients and how to get them to switch to Xero. Group your clients from simple to complex and get them up and running on Xero today.

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Kickstart Agenda

State of the Industry — Partner Spotlight— Automating your workflow — Converting to Xero