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Inside you’ll find robust benchmarking data, such as online client numbers and revenue growth, to support your firm’s forward planning. You’ll also get insights into best practice for marketing, advisory services and more.

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Online accounting and growth go hand in hand

Here are some of the key things we found when we surveyed more than 250 Xero accounting and bookkeeping practices across Canada to gauge their practice performance.

  • Firms delivering advisory services – working with clients on cash-flow forecasting, budgeting and planning – are the most in demand by clients and increase practice revenue and income.

  • Repeatable advisor and compliance practices report the highest rate of revenue growth with strong growth across all three practice types.

  • In the last 12 months, firms focusing on compliance services are growing faster (15%) than repeatable advisory (12.6%) and complex advisory (7.9%) firms.

Compelling data at your fingertips

Read our free report to explore our findings in detail, and learn what you can do to make sure your practice makes the most of online accounting.

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