Reconcile bank transactions quickly

Keep your financials in Xero up to date. Categorize your bank transactions each day using our suggested matches.

Xero shows suggested matches for bank transactions on a mobile phone. A hand hovers ready to click to reconcile them.

Reconcile each day

Review and match transactions on a daily basis.

Use suggested matches

Automatically match and categorize transactions.

Bulk reconcile transactions

Group bank transactions to reconcile all at once.

Reconcile each day

Set up a bank feed so your bank transactions flow into Xero daily. Reconcile transactions often so the accounts stay up to date.

  • Use the Xero app to reconcile transactions on your phone
  • If your bank doesn't connect to Xero, manually import bank statements instead
A Xero user uses a tablet to reconcile the transactions that have come in via a bank feed that morning.

Use suggested matches

Xero suggests matches for your transactions, categorizes them and applies any rules you set up, making reconciliation easy.

  • Match bank transactions to invoice or bill payments
  • Create a new transaction in Xero as you reconcile if there isn’t one already
  • Reconcile by accepting the suggested match and category
Xero suggests a match between an item on a bank statement item and a recent  invoice payment.

Bulk reconcile transactions

When there are a lot of unreconciled transactions to code, you can reconcile them in one go.

  • Sort and group bank transactions, then code groups in bulk
  • Receive alerts for suggested matches to invoices or bills
  • Apply a bank rule to a group of transactions
Three items are ticked, ready to be reconciled in one go when the user selects the green ‘Reconcile all’ button.

More about bank reconciliation

View your bank balances, unpaid invoices, monthly profit and more based on reconciled transactions. Receive alerts about unreconciled transactions on the Xero dashboard.

See how to view and customize the Xero dashboard

When you reconcile, Xero alerts you if your actual bank balance and the balance of the bank account in Xero aren’t the same. If they don't match, the bank reconciliation summary makes it easy to check for missing, deleted, or duplicated transactions.

See how to run a bank reconciliation summary report

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Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business