Ken Leong and 361 Degree Consultancy lead the cloud accounting charge

361 Degree Consultancy has embraced cloud accounting, and built stronger relationships with clients in the process.

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Embracing change

If a traditional accountant does not embrace technology changes, they will disappear very fast. So the only way that we can survive in this industrial 4.0 is to change, to adopt new technologies to help us. And Xero is definitely one of the technologies that we should embrace. Our staff are honoured to achieve Xero advisor certification – it helps boost our confidence, and our clients feel secure when they see that our efforts are recognized by Xero on the Xero advisor directory.

Ken Leong, 361 Degree Consultancy

Saving time with bank feeds

Xero's wonderful bank feeds feature has helped us shorten our bank reconciliation process by at least two to three hours per company. This was the a-ha moment that made us realize, we must use Xero!

Ken Leong, 361 Degree Consultancy

Building stronger client relationships

More and more people are moving to cloud-based software. With Xero, we’re able to do accounting in real time. This means we have more opportunities to engage our clients more frequently. With that, we’ve built a stronger relationship with our clients, and they are much happier now!

Ken Leong, 361 Degree Consultancy

You can find out more about 361 Degree Consultancy on their website.

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